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A prominent name in yoga and meditation, Divyaa Yoga Institute is a well-known yoga organization headquartered at Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. With highly qualified and experienced yoga teachers, the dedicated team at Divyaa yoga institute aims at serving and uplifting the society through means of healthy and happy living with Multidimensional purification of the mind using Traditional Yoga practice.

Special yoga training services to senior citizens while also conducting a wide range of classes and workshops, Divyaa Yoga institute marks its place as the Best Yoga Institute in Delhi/NCR India. Through asanas, kriyas, mudras, and pranayamas, this yoga institute in Ghaziabad offers multiple courses to turn enrollers into happier and healthier individuals. We offers yoga teacher training program like 200 hours teacher training course, Yoga for better living certificate course of (21) days, Meditation certificate course. Also offers yoga classes in studio, Stress Management & Spiritual Classes, Group yoga classes, Corporate yoga classes, and lot more.


Our Courses

Experience of Yoga

  • Balance Body & Mind
  • Meditation Practice
  • Boost your willpower
  • Healthy Daily Life
  • Yoga Month Challenge
  • Create cool mind
  • Increases calmness
  • Positivity
  • Concentration Mindfulness
  • Self-confidence
  • Tranquility
  • Better understanding of mind

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Our Programs

Group Yoga Classes in Delhi NCR

Divyaa Yoga Institute flexible group yoga classes programs provide an accessible means of learning yoga with your acquaintances and new people that opens new doors for learning while making new contacts. Group yoga classes in Ghaziabad boost your contacts and relationships at an appreciable level while making way for a better life for you. Our yoga institute facilitates multiple batches to choose from as per your preference. 

Group Yoga Classes


Join Divyaa yoga institute’s corporate yoga classes to improve workplace morale while enhancing individual confidence levels. Yoga will prove to be a much-welcomed break after a hectic workday and would be a relaxation drive to take away all the stress. Corporate yoga classes increase workplace productivity and have positive effects on employee-employer relationships. De-stressing as a group also enhances belongingness amidst the workplace members.

Corporate Yoga Classes
Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes IN Ghaziabad

Divyaa Yoga Institute is a well-known name that is associated with some revered professionals that are heavily experienced in the field of traditional yogic practices and meditation. With world-class facilities and specially curated schedules for people with different backgrounds, the institute stands out in an array of other competitors.

Yoga Classes in Ghaziabad

Yoga Workshop IN DELHI/ NCR

Divyaa yoga institute yoga workshop is a perfect platform for those who are interested in practising yoga but because of the busy period schedule they didn’t get the time to do it regularly. We try to give more yoga exercise knowledge that helps in training both body as well as mind. Busy corporate life or business makes body and mind week and slow. Yoga workshop in Ghaziabad would be a great option to get stability in life.

Yoga Workshop

Meditation Classes in Delhi NCR

Experience the utmost level of spiritual peace and solace through our meditation classes by experienced yoga trainers. Enhance self-awareness, help yourself fight addictions and promote emotional health by practicing meditation through this insightful meditation course by the best yoga institute in Ghaziabad. This course is devised to help reduce stress, fight anxiety and bring about betterment in one’s mundane and stressful life.

Meditation Classes

Stress management and spiritual classes

Divyaa Yoga institute’s stress management and spiritual classes are a comprehensive package developed to serve as an easy way to deal with stress while coupling one’s senses with spirituality. This program is meant to benefit working professionals, homemakers, and business class people with everyday stress by enhancing a sense of connectedness and maintaining a sense of purpose.

Stress management and spiritual classes